01/15/2018 / By David Williams

While it’s no secret that battery technology has come quite a long way since the first time it was used


01/11/2018 / By Frances Bloomfield

Hospital stays and medical treatments can terrify any child, more so those battling life-threatening diseases such as cancer. Luckily, a


01/11/2018 / By Isabelle Z.

One big fear for many new parents is sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), a mysterious illness that causes babies less


01/09/2018 / By Jayson Veley

As more and more countries around the world start to introduce UAVs, or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, onto the battlefield, the


01/09/2018 / By Michelle Simmons

Rwanda is a country in east Africa where going from one place to another by land is difficult because of


01/09/2018 / By Ralph Flores

The future of science and technology is looking up — and it’s not just for man and machine. Plants are


01/09/2018 / By Frances Bloomfield

Forget cold, metal shells — the robots of the tomorrow could be covered in soft, artificial muscles. That’s certainly what


01/08/2018 / By Isabelle Z.

We live in a society that is obsessed with oversharing. While it’s becoming increasingly difficult to tune out the trivial


01/08/2018 / By Zoey Sky

Millions of individuals with type 2 diabetes must remain vigilant when it comes to their blood sugar levels because this


01/06/2018 / By Zoey Sky

Scientists and researchers from the University of Cambridge have revealed that they are currently developing nanotechnology that can “navigate” a patient’s


01/05/2018 / By Jhoanna Robinson

Robotic surgeons are taking the National Health Service (NHS) by storm. They are now being used to conduct surgical operations


01/05/2018 / By Earl Garcia

A team of researchers at the University of Tokyo developed a pair of humanoid robots that can carry out a wide range


01/04/2018 / By Frances Bloomfield

From littering walkways and streets to illuminating them, dog poop may soon be fueling streetlamps across the United Kingdom. That’s


01/03/2018 / By JD Heyes

There is an expression that some people ‘carry their heart on their sleeve,’ which means those people tend to openly


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